Easy Rental Plan



PLANEasy Rental LiteEasy RentalEasy Rental Plus
Monthly FeeRM200RM300RM400
B/W Copies1,000 pcs 3,000 pcs 5,000 pcs 
Color Copies50 pcs 100 pcs
Monthly Maintenance Services
Train & Installation
Roll Over
Contract1 Year
Meter ReadingRM0.035 (B/W)
RM0.50 (Color)
RM0.03 (B/W)
RM0.50 (Color)
RM0.03 (B/W)
RM0.50 (Color)

"Minimise commitments, maximise usage"

Easy Rental Plan offers you flexibility to rent a copier for a shorter period (12 months) with allocated free copies based on monthly plan. This plan helps you to reduce commitments and avoid yourself to sign a compulsory 5 years contract. You can print up to 61,200 copies for FREE under EASY RENTAL PLAN and you can enjoy roll-over usage where you can bring forward your balance free copies to the next month. You don not have to worry about maintenance of the machine.

Because, this plans include:
Free Copies
Free Service
Free Toners
Free Parts
Monthly Roll Over
No Installation Fees
Monthly breakdown prevention service

In addition, we supply high quality A4, A3 papers at premium price for our customers with no extra charges. We also provide guaranteed 4 hours service respond time in accordance our company mission which is "ZERO DOWN-TIME".

Can I continue EASY RENTAL PLAN on upcoming years?
Yes. You can continue this plan after 1 year contract with no extra charges. The monthly rental remains the same for the 2nd year.

Do I get any discount on monthly rental if I continue use this plan?
Yes. You can enjoy 10% off from the initial rental price starting 3rd year of contract.

Is there any deposit payable for EASY RENTAL PLAN?
Yes. The deposit is refundable after the contract expired.

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